North Hollywood, CA

Reports to:  Service Manager or Business Manager

 General Description:

The Service Cashier has the primary responsibility for closing service repair orders, collecting payment, and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Close all completed repair orders and notify the service advisor or customer of the total charges.
  • Check the accuracy of the repair orders making sure that the correct amount of labor has been charged and corresponding parts have been entered on the repair order.
  • Maintain the proper procedures for the collection of shop supplies, gas, oil and grease, and sales taxes.
  • Prepare the proper billing information for charge and extended warranty repair orders including necessary copies and purchase orders.
  • Maintain the filing system of repair order copies for quick retrieval of information.
  • Reconcile daily the total of funds collected to the balance in the cash drawer, documenting any discrepancies.
  • Ensure that each customer has been promptly assisted and notify management of any customers that might be dissatisfied with their bill or service work performed.
  • If necessary, assist service advisors, the service manager, and receptionist in taking customer appointments or messages.
  • Receive cash, checks and credit card payments from customers and record the amount received on the repair order and/or counter ticket. Repair order numbers are to be written on each credit card payment
  • Compute or recompute the customer’s bill using the dealership’s computer system.
  • Make change accurately and issue receipts to customers. Have every repair order signed by the customer at time of payment.
  • Ascertain and record totals of counter tickets and repair orders on adding machine tape and verify against all cash, checks and credit card payments on hand at end of shift. Any overages or shortages in excess of $5.00 should be reported to management immediately. Daily receipts are to be dropped in the safe at the end of each shift.
  • Business management should be notified of any customer pay repair orders and counter tickets left unpaid at the end of the second day of the repair order date.
  • Work with department managers to keep abreast of new products and services offered and any changes in price.
  • Refer customers who have additional questions (e.g. questions about their repair order) to the service advisor or other appropriate individual.
  • Handle customer complaints with integrity and poise and take or refer the complaining customer to the appropriate individual for further communication.
  • Give cash refunds accurately to customers for approved returned merchandise.
  • Maintain service files timely. (filing, purging)
  • Perform receptionist duties as requested.
  • Perform other duties as assigned by management and in professional manner.


Service Cashier (continued)

Skills Required and Physical Demands:

1.  Excellent math and clerical skills.

2.  Experience as a cashier, customer service representative, or accounting clerk.

3.  Ability to communicate verbally with customers and other employees.

This job description in no way implies that the duties listed here are the only ones the employee can be required to perform.  The employee is expected to perform other tasks, duties and training as directed by their supervisors.