North Hollywood, CA

BDC Manager


Department: SERVICE

Position reports to:  SERVICE MANAGER


General Description:

The BDC/CRM Manager’s goal is to promote long term customer retention by either assisting the service department or customer retention staff in a continuous contact strategy.


Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Maintain the BDC office equipment; phones, computers, and supplies.
  • Assist BDC staff with customer contacts through training and data management.
  • Provide a report to the service or BDC staff of all customers who have not been in for service for the past 4 months.
  • Provide a report of customers who are coming in for service that did not buy a vehicle at the dealership.
  • Keep track of the first service appointment for customers and provide reminders.
  • Track the results either by salespersons’ or BDC staffs’ results of their customer contacts and update the customer database.
  • Create other custom reports and labels as necessary for customer retention or contact.
  • Calculate monthly the dealership’s customer retention rate for sales & service departments.
  • Produce weekly and monthly reports for the GM and other Senior Management
  • Establish performance targets for each Business Development Representative (BDR)
  • Manage and lead the BDR team to achieve a minimum performance of 20% appointments from incoming calls
  • Manage the BDR team to contact all customers during the survey period in accordance with dealership and company standards